Greek activists occupy Israeli company’s offices


ATHENS, Greece (JTA) — Greek Pro-Palestinian activists occupied the Athens offices of an Israeli irrigation company.

About 50 far-left and anti-establishment activists forced themselves into the offices of the Netafim company last Friday morning, throwing out its employees and declaring the offices occupied.

The activists hung a banner reading "Israel commits murders, solidarity with the Palestinian uprising."

Calling itself Solidarity Initiative, the group left the offices less than three hours later. Nobody was hurt in the protest.

The activists said the occupation of the office was a protest against the Israeli Navy’s boarding last week of a Turkish ship, part of a flotilla of ships bound for Gaza, during which nine activists were killed and 36 wounded.

According to a written manifesto distributed by the activists, "Israel is a model of state murder that is trying by blunt force to bend the Palestinian resistance."

The protesters also called the United States and the European Union "accomplices with Israel’s murderous policies."

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