Rabbinic court drops Emanuel case


JERUSALEM (JTA) — A rabbinic court attempting to mediate in the dispute over a girls’ school in a West Bank settlement has dropped the case.

The court, which had ordered the school in Emanuel to end its segregation between the mostly Ashkenazi followers of the Slonim Chasidim and Sephardi students, dropped the case Monday after Yoav Laloum failed to withdraw his case from Israel’s Supreme Court, as he had been ordered by the rabbinic court. Laloum sued the school in the Israeli court system on behalf of the Noar Kehalacha Foundation.

The rabbinic court also had ordered the Chasidim to stop threatening to attack Laloum physically and verbally.

Laloum had told The Jerusalem Post Sunday night that he would withdraw his lawsuit in the secular courts if parents agreed to desegregate the school.

The Slonim Chasidim reportedly had taken Laloum to the rabbinic court after he claimed that they had accepted funding from The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews.

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