Out At Home


In response to “Anti-Semitism in the Backyard” (May 21, Manhattan/Westchester edition), I am extremely upset with a segment of the article.

I am the coach of a predominantly Jewish seventh- and eighth- grade softball team from Edgemont that, according to the article, “made anti-Jewish remarks to some of the Schechter students.” The statement in the article is completely inaccurate and demands clarification. I am disappointed that you would publish such a statement without getting the facts from both sides.  

These facts should be noted: The game was suspended by mutual agreement of the coaches when some of the girls from Solomon Schechter reported to their coach that they heard negative statements from the Edgemont bench. (No individual player was identified.)

None of these alleged statements were actually heard by the Schechter coach, the umpire or me — the three adults responsible for supervising the game.

After an in-depth investigation conducted by the Edgemont superintendent, athletic director, high school principal and me, no facts came to light supporting the allegations.

Clearly there was a misunderstanding between the two schools.  The girls from Solomon Schechter feel that the Edgemont girls disparaged them. The girls from Edgemont don’t feel they said anything inappropriate. The girls from Edgemont know, however, that The Jewish Week found them “guilty” of making these alleged remarks without “due process.”  

Modified Softball Coach