No Judaism Without Zionism


Zionism cannot survive if not imbued with Torah. Eric Herschthal’s article, “Clash Of Zionisms In the Academy” (June 25), quoted several experts on the slow demise of secular Zionism and its lack of relevancy with young, diaspora Jews, with some historians citing a lack of knowledge of the cultural aspects of Judaism. 

What would that entail? Learning about gefilte fish? Matzah balls? Barbra Streisand and her Brooklynese? Yiddish theater in the 1930s? Holocaust movies? 

Without concrete mitzvot — do’s and don’t’s – there is no Judaism and hence no reason for Israel. The Bible begins with the proclamation that God created the world, that the whole earth belongs to Him and He gave it (referring to the land of Israel) to the one who is proper in His eyes (referring to Jews). That is the raison d’être for Israel. The Torah is the soul of Israel. The cultural data is gravy. Unfortunately, secular Zionists don’t get it. 

Monsey, N.Y.