Israel’s population hits 7.6 million


JERUSALEM (JTA) — On the eve of Rosh Hashanah, Israel’s population stands at more than 7.6 million.

Of the 7,645,500 Israelis, some 5,770,900 are Jewish and 1,559,100 are Arabs, according to figures released Monday by the Central Bureau of Statistics. Another 315,500 are identified under the heading Other. 

Also, some 28 percent of the Israeli population is under the age of 15; some 10 percent is over 65.

Some 121,243 Jews and others were born in Israel in 2009, as well as 39,799 Arabs. There were 34,639 deaths of Jews and others, as well as 4,099 Arab deaths. 

Life expectancy for Jewish women rose slightly to 83.9 and for Arab women to 80.7. For Jewish men, life expectancy is 80.5 and for Arab men 76.3.

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