Green Thumb


Lest all you Jewish foodies think the Jewish movement is  confined to the coasts, behold Ekar Farm in Denver. The farm just completed its first season, in the course of which it grew 8,000 pounds of food for the local Jewish food pantry. 

Think for a second about how many community priorities that accomplishment has satisfied. A lot of people can eat from 8,000 pounds of food. It brings quality organic produce to lower-income people who generally have the least access to it. It educates kids about where there food comes from. It joins people together, including Jews and non-Jews, who might not otherwise have reason to socialize. And all that good stuff about reconnecting Jews to their agricultural roots. 

Ekar was started by Ilan Salzberg, a former organic grower in Boulder pictured at left with Eli Goldstein, an executive committee member. It is supported by the Rose Community Foundation, whose Jewish life point person sent me the most comprehensive guide to interesting Jewish happenings in a city that I’ve ever received as TWJ. Thanks Sarah!

Here’s the video:

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