When Santa Comes To Town


I would like to respond to Elicia Brown’s column, “When Santa Comes To Town,” Back of the Book, Dec. 10).

I am Jewish and was raised in a Conservative household by two Jewish parents. I ended up falling in love and marrying a Catholic man. We now have two daughters and are raising them Jewish (my 7-year-old is in her third year of Sunday school at a Conservative temple) but to also respect their father and his family’s religion and traditions. We celebrated Chanukah with latkes and the menorah with my family and we also have a tree, and Santa will be visiting our house, too.

If Brown’s sister chose to marry a Christian man, then it is reasonable to assume her nephew will learn about and respect his father’s customs, and it is wrong think or expect otherwise.

If The Jewish Week wants readers of all Jewish backgrounds to read and respect the newspaper, maybe you should be more sensitive to all the different types of Jewish families that make up your readership in his day and age and not pander to the holier-than-thou Jewish readers who look down their noses on anyone who does not believe as they do.


Staten Island