Hitler’s Ukraine headquarters to be museum


(JTA) — Hitler’s Eastern front military headquarters in central Ukraine will be turned into a museum.

The opening is scheduled for May 9, known as Victory Day, which marks the surrender of Nazi Germany to the Soviet Union in World War II.

Some 20 wooden cottages and barracks and three bunkers remain on the site of the headquarters, known as Wehrwolf. The Nazis destroyed much of the site when they abandoned it.

The headquarters were built over the course of a year-and-a-half, ending in April 1942. Some 10,000 Soviet war prisoners and some 1,000 local citizens participated in building the headquarters.

"It is time to make the Wehrwolf headquarters a tourist destination, a memorial to the victims of fascism," the head of the local administration, Mykola Djiga, told the UNIAN news agency.

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