Eric Cantor’s brow


At Tablet, Allison Hoffman gets close enough to Eric Cantor to get a full appreciation of Congress’ first Jewish majority leader.

It’s a fabulous, magaziney read, and, well, go read.

This leapt out at me:

When he wants to seem conspiratorial—I’m on your side—his left eyebrow goes up behind his thin black wire-frame glasses; when he wants to seem sincere, both eyebrows rise in unison, and three deep grooves appear on his forehead. When he wants to make it clear he really, really means what he’s saying, the ghost of a fourth line appears just below his hairline, and he chops at the air in front of him for added effect.

Now, once I made Eric Cantor giiggle, when I asked him if he took seriously vice-presidential talk during the 2008 campaign. 

I never got that fourth line, though, not even a ghost of it.

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