Israelis demonstrate following Fogels’ funeral


JERUSALEM (JTA) — West Bank settlers reportedly attacked Palestinian property in revenge attacks following the funeral of five members of a Jewish family fatally stabbed in a suspected terror attack in their home.

Protesters also held demonstrations across Israel Sunday in sympathy with residents of the West Bank, blocking intersections throughout the country. 

Israeli media quoted Palestinian sources as saying that settlers set five cars on fire in the Hawara village near Itamar, the West Bank settlement where the Fogel family lived, and threw stones at Palestinian cars passing near Kedumim.

Palestinians also reportedly threw stones at buses returning to the Itamar area from the funeral of the family. The parents and three of their six children were killed last Friday night.

Protesters blocked junctions throughout Israel, some holding signs reading "We are all settlers" and "Peace isn’t signed with blood." One of the largest demonstrations took place in Tel Aviv at the Azrieli Junction, located near the army’s national headquarters. Passing drivers honked in solidarity.

Meanwhile, the head of Israel’s Government Press Office is demanding an apology from Cable News Network over its coverage of the attack, saying it avoided describing the incident as a terrorist attack and placing the words ‘terrorist attack’ in quotation marks in a headline on its website.

The CNN report said that the Israeli military was searching for an intruder, though the official Israel Defense Forces statement said that soldiers were searching for the terrorist.

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