Notice To Readers: Passover Suggestions


The Jewish Week is seeking contributions from its readers for two Passover-related features.

Second seder: Most people hold a seder the second night of Passover, and many have problems holding people’s attention. How is this night different than the night of the first seder? How do you make the second seder distinctive? What innovations do you incorporate — or have the leaders of seders you’ve attended used — to make the second night engaging and memorable?

Twitter Haggadot: The Haggadah, the product of thousands of years of Jewish scholarship, is thousands of words that convey subtle and blatant messages.

Can you condense the Haggadah’s message to 140 characters? That’s the amount of space in a Twitter message, the increasingly popular method of communication.

Send your ideas to Steve Lipman —; fax, (212) 921-8420; c/o Jewish Week, 1501 Broadway, suite 505, New York, NY 10036. Deadline for submissions is March 30.