Quebec grocery store removes, puts back Star of David


(JTA) — A grocery store in suburban Montreal returned a Star of David over a display of Passover products after removing it following a customer’s complaint.

The Metro grocery store in Westmount was ordered Sunday by the chain’s head office to remove the Star of David over the Passover display after a customer complained that it was religious propaganda. But it put back the star Tuesday after about a dozen phone calls from angry local customers, according to the Montreal Gazette.

This is the 10th year that the store, which has many Jewish customers, made a special display of Passover products. It was the first time that the chain of 600 stores has logged any complaints about it, according to the newspaper.

Marie-Claude Bacon, director of corporate affairs for Metro, apologized Wednesday for the misunderstanding during a visit to the store.

"We’re here for all our customers," she said, "so we decided to put back the Star of David realizing we made a mistake."

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