Politico catches me in challah-gate


President Obama met with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for twice the allotted hour.

That meant a lot of standing around and waiting for the White House pool.

I seized the opportunity to call my local bakery (shout out to Heidelberg!) and order a challah for pickup this evening.

Politico catches me in the act. I’m the one with the phone stuck to his ear.

They’re real nice at Heidelberg, and the challahs are the best, but they take ages to walk over to the counter, make sure they have some left, walk back, take down your name. (Ron! Not Ross!), and my face betrays the panicked look of a reporter thinking he may be called in to witness history mid-challah order.

It all worked out though. Can’t wait to rip it to pieces.

The challah, not the meeting, natch.

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