Archive snippets: Nothing new about circumcision flaps


Ed. Note: This post was originally written in 2011. In June 2012, a German court outlawed circumcision.
Recent anti-circumcision efforts around the globe have aimed at clamping down on the Jewish ritual practice of brit milah, aka the bris.

Last week, San Francisco voters learned that their November ballots will feature a proposal to ban circumcision of male children without exemptions for religious rituals such as brit milah. The anti-circumcision group MGM Bill has since filed a petition for a similar measure in Santa Monica, and the Los Angeles Times reports today that religious groups are responding. Earlier this month, Norway’s Jews came out against a legal amendment that proposed an age limit on circumcision.

Of course, circumcision "flaps" are nothing new to JTA readers. Out of a few hundred results, here are eight "snippets":

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