Israel to extend Daylight Savings Time


JERUSALEM (JTA) — Israel will extend Daylight Savings Time to the beginning of October instead of ending on the Sunday before Yom Kippur.

Interior Minister Eli Yishai announced the decision Monday following the recommendation of an advisory committee.

The issue came to a head last summer when the clocks were changed in mid-September since Yom Kippur fell early in the fall. Israel changed to standard time two months before the United States last year.

Religious groups such as Yishai’s Shas Party want the change back to standard time before Yom Kippur so that the fast ends earlier. It is also difficult to change the clocks later than early October because sunrise comes too late to allow observant Jews to participate in morning prayers before they have to go to work.

Proponents of a longer Daylight Savings Time cite energy savings and fewer traffic accidents.

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