Flawed Values


One of the most painful and disturbing articles I have read in many years regarding Jews and Israel was “Alienation From Israel Hitting Liberal Seminaries” (May 6).

Calling these students “bright, decent, thoughtful and deeply Jewishly committed” is not merely specious, but solidly false, contemptible, despicable and detestable, as are the attitudes of the students mentioned.

The values these young people have grown up with and been exposed to regarding the Israel-Palestinian/Arab conflict is deeply flawed to the highest degree. Whether acquired from their parents, their peers or the news, it shows a complete lack of understanding, insight and sensitivity in understanding what Israel is up against — specifically that its Arab neighbors are committed to its destruction. End of story, period.

Some people can be proud of these students, but I am pained, disgusted and bewildered that they are siding with our enemies, who would be thrilled with our destruction.