Pollard, Jabotinsky and funeral arrangements for Jewish prisoners


Despite shutting down the White House switchboard, supporters of Jonathan Pollard were unsuccessful in helping the convicted spy attain temporary release to attend his father’s funeral in South Bend, Ind. earlier this week. 

JTA online archivist Anne Mintz noticed an interesting precedent for this appeal in our archive: On August 3, 1940 Vladimir "Zev" Jabotinsky passed away; shortly thereafter, his son was released from prison to sit shiva: 

Palestine Mourns Jabotinsky; Work Stoppage Called; Son Freed From Jail (August 5, 1940)  

JERUSALEM –A work stoppage, closing of entertainment places and black-bordered Hebrew newspapers today marked the unanimous tribute of Palestine Jewry to Vladimir Jabotinsky, leader of the New Zionist Organization, organizer of the Palestine Jewish Legion during the last war and writer, who died near New York City late Saturday night.

Eri Jabotinsky, only son of the Zionist leader, was released late last night from Acre prison, where he was serving a one-year term for aiding extra-legal Jewish immigration, and today was observing the seven-day period of mourning required by Jewish law at the home of an aunt in Haifa. His release was brought about by intervention of James S. McPherson, Government Chief Secretary, following news of Jabotinsky’s death… (Full article)

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