Iran tests missiles capable of reaching Israel, U.S. bases


(JTA) — Iran reportedly tested medium- and long-range missiles that are capable of reaching Israel and U.S. bases.

Tuesday’s firing of the missiles came on the second day of the Revolutionary Guards’ war games.

The day before, Iran’s military displayed on national television underground missile silos programmed to hit predetermined targets with medium- and long-range missiles, including Israel and U.S. bases in the Middle East, in the event of an attack.

Gen. Amir Ali Hajizadeh, commander of the Revolutionary Guards Air Force, told the English-language semi-official Iranian news service Fars that the United States and Israel were Iran’s only enemies, "and other than that we are not threatened by any nation. Our missile range is designed according to the location of the American bases in the region and that of the Zionist regime."

Hajizadeh called the war games, code-named "Great Prophet 6," a "message of peace and friendship to countries of the region."

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