Jake vs. Worm


Jake Gyllenhaal and another dude struggling to survive in the wilderness? No, this is not the sequel to “Brokeback Mountain” but Gyllenhaal’s very own episode of “Man vs. Wild,” which aired on the Discovery Channel last night.

Gyllenhaal, who appeared shirtless during the filming of Prince of Persia, doffs his top yet again, this time in the Icelandic cold. (Photo by Jogos4Gamers.)

During his two days in the great Icelandic outdoors, Gyllenhaal (along with host Bear Grylls) did some decidedly unkosher things from eating worms to gutting a dead sheep. The latter did not appear to follow the rules of kosher ritual slaughter yet still seemed more humane than anything that used to go on at Agriprocessors Iowa slaughterhouse.

When asked after climbing across an ice covered canyon on just a rope what he will drink tonight, Gyllenhaal breathlessly responded that he will drink from “cup of life.” We say l’chaim to that!

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