The Skinny on Jonah Hill


Jonah Hill, who just finished filming a remake of the 21 Jump Street, the late 80s show that made Johnny Depp famous, discussed his new slim physique while on the BAFTA red carpet. The newly shorn and svelte comedian told The Los Angeles Times, “I thought it was important to be healthier.” While we applaud Hill’s attempt to lose weight for the sake of his health, could he have at least tried to be funny about it?

Hill could a thing or two from fellow Judd Apatow disciple Seth Rogen, who spoke to Jon Stewart about his weight loss in 2009, saying, “I think a Jew’s natural weight is 400 pounds. Anytime you see a Jew that weighs less than that, they’re working their ass off.”(Comment begins at 2:50)


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(Starts at 2:50)

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