Harry Potter and the Body Ink


Daniel Radcliffe told the Daily Mirror that now that he is through with the Potter franchise he wants to get a tattoo, which he noted wasn’t possible while he was filming the movies.

Daniel Radcliffe (Photo by Freshwater2006)

The only tattoo Harry could sport was the lightening bolt above his brow. (If you remember, Emma Watson, who played Hermione Granger for a decade, cut her long hair into a pixie style after The Deathly Hallows wrapped.)

While I don’t completely understand why he couldn’t do this sooner since most tats are easy to hide with clothing or if need be, with makeup — I mean, they hid Ralph Fiennes’ nose for chrissakes — I’d like to help the grown up wizard with some body art suggestions.

To commemorate the role that made him famous, Harry Potter meet a Hairy Potter:

That's a hairy potter (Pavend Iran News).

Because his fictional character has shown an affinity for witches, how about one of Christine O’Donnell? She’s not a witch, people!

Or any of the tattoos that these ardent fans have etched into their skin?

And if these don’t suit Mr. Radcliffe’s fancy, how about asking Lea Michele, who just tweeted about her two new tattoos, for some ideas?



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