Gwyneth Paltrow wants Jewish upbringing for her kids


(JTA) — Actress Gwyneth Paltrow says she wants to raise her children as Jewish.

Paltrow made the declaration after appearing on "Who Do You Think You Are?," a genealogy documentary series on NBC televison that each week takes a celebrity on a journey to trace his or her roots.

Paltrow reportedly discovered earlier this year during the filming of the documentary that her father came from a long line of influential eastern European rabbis. Her mother is Christian.

She said this week during a speech to the London Jewish charity Community Security Trust that the knowledge of her forefathers has inspired her to raise her two children in a Jewish environment, the Daily Mail reported. Paltrow was raised with both Jewish and Christian influences.

Last year she said in widely reported statements that she does not believe in religion.

"I believe in spirituality," she said. "Religion is the cause of all the problems in the world."

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