Is Bachelorette’s Ashley converting to Judaism?


Ashley Hebert and JP Rosenbaum will be doing this under a chuppah.

According to Lindsey DiMattina of Hollywood Life, Ashley Hebert, this season’s Bachelorette, will convert to Judaism to marry JP Rosenbaum.

Although the report was not confirmed, Hebert’s family seems to be supporting the idea.

“Ashley has my support to do whatever she needs to do to be happy,” her sister Chrystie told Hollywood Life. Interesting remark coming from the same person who wasn’t exactly supportive of the match after meeting Rosenbaum.

The University of Pennsylvania dental student will have to study for a year before being able to join the tribe, according to rabbis.

Will this rankle ABC execs who hope to televise a wedding for big ratings before viewers forget who the pair is and are more preoccupied with the next season of “Jersey Shore”?

Well then allow us to suggest this brilliant idea — film her conversion process.

A conversion reality show would have everything a television program could possible want — an ancient language (Hebrew is just as romantic sounding as French), prayer, and nudity. Ashley’s immersion into the mikvah (ritual bath) would be a ratings bonanza. Follow that up with a season finale wedding and you’ve got a surefire hit.

You’re welcome, ABC.


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