HaIvri is not the “Trotsky” Axelrod


David HaIvri tweeted me that he is NOT the David Axelrod descended from Leon Trotsky.

In fact, I had learned this since my original blog post on the multitude of Axelrods — I had speculated in that post that HaIvri, ne Axelrod, might be the Trotsky descendant.

In fact, it is the "other" Axelrod who is Trotsky’s descendant.

Josh Nathan-Kazis at the Forward wised me up, and pointed me to this story a year ago in the Forward, about descendants who have drastically distanced themselves from their famous ancestors, at least ideologically.

The story comes up with another nugget of Axelrodian confusion. Trotsky-Axelrod was once detained by police who were seeking HaIvri-Axelrod in connection with the slaying of two Palestinians.

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