Alyson Hannigan in an ad for Head & Shoulders dandruff shampoo


Photo by Francis Orante

When I first started this whole Jewish celebrity blogging thing, I thought I had a pretty good handle on who amongst the fabulous and famous was a member of the tribe, but I must confess that I was very surprised when I discovered that Alyson Hannigan, star of CBS’ How I Met Your Mother, is Jewish. My Jewdar really missed that one. (Similarly, my colleague, Jew-Jew Barea was absolutely shocked and thrilled to learn that Allison Brie of Community is an MOT.)

Of course the real reason for my excitement had nothing to do with HIMYM and everything to do with her role in the Buffyverse. She will always be Willow Rosenberg to me. (I am such a fanboy.)

Anyway, these days in addition to playing Lily on HIMYM, she is appearing in ads for the dandruff shampoo, Head and Shoulders.

The ad is pretty cute.

I hope Alyson can help change the image of Head and Shoulders, at least for me. I remember two things about the shampoo from when I was younger — that it smelled bad and that it was a punchline for a Jeffrey Dahmer joke.

Q: What is Jeffrey Dahmer’s favorite shampoo?

A: Head and Shoulders.

Trust me, these jokes were big in the 90s

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