Famous Jews who wear crosses


The Jewish Daily Forward just reported that Rachel Weisz, a very Jewish actress, has appeared in the Wall Street Journal wearing a crucifix (as well as some lovely clothing).

Here are a few other Jews and Jewesses who’ve been caught wearing the most Christian of accessories:





 Bar Refaeli

Leo’s ex and swimsuit model posed with a crucifix for a lingerie catalogue. Jews, there’s no reason to freak out over this. She’s doing it to sell stuff. Remember, we’re totally down with capitalism.







Sarah Michelle Gellar

The Jewish actress played Buffy Summers for seven seasons on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She frequently wore a crucifix, which according to lore is supposed to repel the vamps. Unless they were really hot like Angel and Spike.




Dr. Zoidberg

The allegedly Jewish crustacean from Futurama crossed himself when confronting a scary situation. (And for those of you who think that the very fact that he’s a lobster disqualifies him from being Jewish, let me remind you that humans are also pretty unkosher. Haven’t seen any split hooves on any of you guys lately.)

David Cross

While there is no documented instances of the Jewish comic actor wearing a cross, his last name is highly suspect.











Arrested Development

Plus, he starred in the cult favorite television show, Arrested Development, which featured the Jewish Bluth family where this hilarious, on-topic exchange took place.

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