Oscar-nominated JTA president would’ve turned 100 today


Eleazar Lipsky

Hey Google doodle — you missed one.

Today is the one-hundredth birthday of Eleazar Lipsky, lawyer, Broadway-produced playwright, Oscar-nominated screenwriter and former JTA president. Lipsky, son of Zionist leader Louis Lipsky, died from Leukemia at age 81.

My personal favorite achievement from the Lipsky era at JTA below:


J.T.A. Opens New Radio Printer Circuits to Latin American Lands (published June 11, 1964)

NEW YORK, Jun. 10 (JTA) – 

The Jewish Telegraphic Agency has completed mechanization of its worldwide transmission service with the opening of new radio printer circuits to Latin America, Eleazar Lipsky, JTA president, announced today.

The new radio printer circuits replace the old system of transmission in Morse code employed by JTA for many years in the delivery of news to Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, Brazil and Lima, Peru. News copy is moved on the new circuits at the rate of 66 words per minute. Reception in the three cities is on automatic receivers pretuned to the JTA frequencies.

JTA now transmits by radioprinter from New York to London, Tel Aviv, Johannesburg, Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo and Lima, and from London to New York and Tel Aviv.

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