Israel Should Act


Your editorial, “Arab Spring, Summer Chaos” (Aug. 26), articulates both hope and concern for how the still-evolving upheaval in the Arab world will turn out.

Of special concern is whether the popular hostility toward Israel (especially in Egypt) may negatively impact Israel in an environment where public opinion may actually be democratically translated into policies.

Missing from this editorial is any suggestion that Israel seize this historic turning point to mitigate that popular hostility and forge a new relationship with the Arab world by moving boldly and courageously to create a Palestinian state and resolve the conflict that fuels and sustains that anger.

Israel need not — must not — stand by passively and hope for the best. Failure to seize this opportunity to end the conflict once and for all will virtually ensure enduring hostility between Israel and its increasingly democratic — or at least populist — neighbors for generations.

Gil Kulick
Communications Co-chair
J Street