Jewish Facebook alternative site hacked by Palestinians


JERUSALEM (JTA) — A Jewish Facebook site called FaceGlat has been hacked by pro-Palestinian activists from Jordan.

The website’s homepage image was changed over the weekend to a black page with lettering in red, green and white reading "Hacked By Challenges HackerS" and identifying the group as Palestinian hackers from Jordan.

The message, surrounding a hand making the peace sign, tells the owner of the site that the hackers are "gonna get his pc soon or later."

The message also says: "palestine is the best of the best , we will never stop hacking, Until you stop killing our brothers and sisters and a mother in palestine , the day is coming." 

The message is signed by M17 Hacker, DrZero Hacker and Sn!peR Hacker.

Glatface is a haredi Orthodox site that is an alternative to Facebook, since it separates male and female profiles.

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