Pro-Israel ads in Bay Area countering anti-U.S. aid campaign


SAN FRANCISCO (j. weekly) — The pro-Israel organization StandWithUs has launched an ad campaign in Bay Area Rapid Transit stations to counter local ads that call for an end to U.S. military aid to Israel.

The posters will be on display Sept. 18 through Nov. 13 at five major stations, as well as on a local cable car.

The initial ad campaign, sponsored by Friends of Sabeel, Jewish Voice for Peace and others, went up in BART and Muni stations in late August, and runs through Sept. 23. It depicts Palestinian and Israeli grandfathers with a caption calling for an end to military aid to Israel.

The new posters feature two boys — a Palestinian and an Israeli — next to the slogan "Israel Needs a Partner for Peace." In October, StandWithUs will launch a similar poster campaign in 18 New York City subway stations to counter an ad campaign opposing U.S. aid to Israel now on display there.


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