New Wines For The New Year


The lead-up to Passover and Rosh HaShanah are the two times each year when kosher wine producers try to bring their new wines to the market. This fall, no doubt in part because of the continuing bad economy, and weak dollar, there are fewer new wines on the market than usual. However, many of the wines that are being released look intriguing.

Spain, which is recent years has become a source for interesting kosher wines at many price levels, is producing more kosher wine than ever before. The Elvi winery has just released two new Tempranillo based wines from the Rioja region. Also, En Fuego line of budget priced Spanish kosher wines now includes a recently released blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Tempranillo called Unido.

The number of boutique Israeli wineries to export their products to America also continues to rise. In the last few months, new kosher wines from both the1848 winery and from the (formerly non-kosher) Alexander winery have become available in the U.S. Also the Morad Winery, one of a handful of Israeli wineries to commercially produce (non-grape) fruit wines has started exporting a passion fruit wine.

In recent years the number of Champagne houses that produce kosher Champagne has been gradually diminishing. So the recent release of a new kosher Champagne from well-known producer, Drappier, is a welcome addition to the market.

As of yet I have not tasted any of these wines, but I will be tasting and writing about many of them in the upcoming months.