The Lessons Of Appeasement


Regarding your editorial, “Arab Spring, Awful Autumn” (Sept. 26): An oft-stated message from President Barack Obama is “elections have consequences.”

While the president used this refrain, with its not-so-subtle antagonism, more often in the earlier and heady days of his presidency, it is as true a lesson today as it was then. Therein we find one of the very few silver linings of the difficult situation Israel finds itself in today.

As a result of the continued pacification of our enemies by our elected representative, an entire generation is today learning the lessons and consequences of appeasement and negotiation with terrorists. Terrorists who have no interest in a reasonable and amicable solution — they are simply opposed to the existence of our free societies.

In America, we see how extending a hand to Iran is met with a slap in the face. We see how isolating and publicly demeaning our friends in wishful pursuit of compromise with our enemies is a losing strategy. In Israel, even the most hardened supporters of a two-state solution see how our enemy only has in mind a one-state solution. Leaving Lebanon or Gaza is never enough — these unilateral steps towards peace are seen as signs of weakness only.

Your suggestions on how to support Israel are all appropriate and will help. Interestingly, all of these options are available even to the most oppressed constituents of enemy regimes. There is one action, unmentioned in your editorial, that separates Israel and America from those who wish to do it harm: electing new representatives to chart a more realistic course. In America, this is truly the most impactful action we can take on behalf of our beloved homeland Israel. Our generation of Jewish Americans must remember the consequences of electing those who are not steadfast and unequivocal in their support of Israel’s right to exist and its security, and choose instead those who defend freedom and our allies no matter the consequences.

Adam Fishman