Feud alert: Jonah Hill vs. Matthew Morrison


Matthew Morrison -- Jonah Hill is gunning for you. (Photo by Kristin Dos Santos.)

Jonah Hill, who was on Late Night to promote his new film, Moneyball, told Jimmy Fallon (and the rest of the country) about his beef with Glee actor Matthew Morrison (aka Mr. Schuester). Both actors were at the same “douchey” Hollywood party when he tried to eavesdrop on a conversation between Morrison and that Gossip Girl guy, Chace Crawford. He surreptitiously listened as he walked past the pair, he hears Morrison use his name, “Jonah Hill” as the punchline to an apparently uproarious joke.

Hill did not mince words when it came to his new nemesis. “Yo, Matthew Morrison, you better bring your shit next time I see you,” perhaps challenging the Glee star to a dancing/singing contest. Who do you think would win?

In other Jonah Hill news, he is finally starting to bring the funny back after losing a tremendous amount of weight. When Fallon complimented him on his appearance, he thanked Fallon and then deadpanned, “I lost three pounds.” Well done, sir.

Watch Hill recount the birth of his feud with Morrison:

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