Superman’s mom is Jewish


Superman's new mom

Cue the Jewish mother jokes. It has just been reported that Israeli actress Ayelet Zurer will play the mother of the new Superman. [JTA]

No, not his sweet, down-to-earth Kansan mother who raised Clark Kent to be the all-around good guy you can take home to your parents. I don’t think any Israeli woman could convincingly portray that sort of Midwestern sweetness. Not in the Jewish woman’s DNA.

Zurer, who has also acted in Angels & Demons and Munich, will play someone far more formidable — Superman’s Kryptonian mother, Lara Lor-Van.

Zurer is not the only foreigner (i.e. non-American) to play a part in this film. Superman himself will be portrayed by the British actor Henry Cavill, who is perhaps best known for his role in the slice of medieval porn, The Tudors. And his Kryptonian dad will be none other than Gladiator and rage-a-holic Aussie actor, Russell Crowe.

Is it really any shock that a Jewish mother birthed a man who would one day emblazon a giant “S” on his chest?

Even if he didn’t know her as a child, someone, she was telepathically communicating from Krypton, telling the young Superman’s ear that he was the best thing to ever happen to humanity.

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