Timid Establishment


Eagles Wings made a foolish move, not only by associating with Calev Myers, but by facilitating the Jewish Establishment’s campaign to continue to try to shatter the important alliance between Evangelicals and Israel (“Jewish-Evangelical Alliance Fraying,” Sept. 16).

Unlike Staff Writer Stewart Ain’s spin, Durban III will have a real damaging effect on public opinion beyond media exposure in the United States, but also as a tool that the Islamist-Left coalition uses among its constituency, and among confused innocents, here and abroad. Not to have a demonstration by the Jewish Establishment to refute the racist charge against Israel at the United Nations in this major Jewish city, is an historic abdication and blunder by those who continue to be missing in action when protests are required at the venues of anti-Israel hatred.

To accept the Establishment’s sophistry that they don’t want to bring attention to Durban III can only replicate the sad history of Jews being silent.

Eagles Wings, to its credit, did not and will not let domestic political concerns prevent them from mobilizing against Durban III, as well as against the unilateral declaration of a Palestinian terror state.