Occupy Wall Street v. Tea Party


Why is Occupy Wall Street a mob and the Tea Party not?

Eric Cantor won’t say as of news time, according to the New York Jewish Week’s Adam Dickter.

Dickter spoke to Cantor when the Republican majority leader was in New York this week for a fund-raiser. Cantor did not repeat his derisive description of OWS as a "mob," made at the weekend’s Value Voters Summit.

The interview was on the fly, so Dickter did not get a chance to press him on it..

But Dickter — and good for him — was not going to let it go, especially considering White House pushback. He’s still waiting for Cantor’s answer.

The Tea Party has, especially since helping the GOP win the House, become more of an institution. But it’s early days were raucous: Guns at political meetings, disruptions at town hall meetings of the order that just got ten Muslim students in California convictions.

Cantor’s other point — that the radicalism among the OWS crowd will push Jews to the GOP — I’m not so sure about.

I have yet to see a Tea Party event with a Kol Nidre service.

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