Krista Branch, the Tea Party’s siren, releases a pro-Israel song


Krista Branch’s "I Am America" has become the Tea Party’s anthem and is the soundtrack of the Herman Cain campaign. It featured in the background of the now viral Cain "smoking" ad.

Here’s that ad, if you haven’t seen it: 

Branch, a onetime Amercian idol competitior, hails from east Texas and Oklahoma. Now she’s trying to make a music career in Tennesee, where her husband is state director of Cain’s campaign. The New York Times profiled her; here’s her original of the song that has electrified the Tea Party. 

Allow me one annoying aside before I continue: The Branches were moved to write it because of how some elites dismissed the nascent Tea Party as so much noise. Its lyrics could easily be sung at an Occupy Wall Street rally, without any tweaking.

Anyhow, Branch has now released what she bills as a pro-Israel song.

Two things: Israel, modern Israel, does not at all feature in the video; the Holocaust does, prominently.

And it closes with a quote by Yehuda Bauer,  this Yehuda Bauer.

Anyway, here it is, Lead Me On: 

UPDATE: Amy Grant first recorded the song in 1988. We blog about it here.

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