A Bosnian Serb may prevent “Palestine”…


 …Or at least prevent the Security Council from voting to confer statehood status on the Palestinians, thereby preventing a potentially embarrassing U.S. veto.

AP’s Aida Cerkez reports that the triumvirate that constitutes Bosnia’s presidency — a Croat, a Serb and a  Muslim — cannot come to terms on whether to vote for statehood on the Security Council.

Palestinians say they have eight votes, just one short of the nine out of 15 majority needed to pass, and then trigger a U.S. veto.

Such votes requires a consensus among the three-person presidency; the Muslim favors Palestinian statehood; the Croat is unsure; and the Serb is against. So no vote.

Dzenan Selimbegovic, an adviser to the three-member presidency, said Monday that because the trio still disagrees on the issue, there is no official stand and the chance of someone changing his mind is "theoretical."

"Officially the presidency has no position and if there is no position then the Bosnian ambassador to the U.N. has no position," he told The Associated Press.

Serbs, traditionally, have been pro-Israel, dating to the Jewish-Serbian alliance among anti-Nazi partisans.

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