Could Albert Brooks have been the guy to sweep Julia Roberts off her feet?


An alternate ending for Pretty Woman.

In an interview with Collider, Albert Brooks, who recently appeared alongside Ryan Gosling in Drive, revealed the roles he turned down throughout his career, including parts in Dead Poets Society, Pretty Woman and Boogie Nights.

He doesn’t specify which Pretty Woman role he was offered. Do you think that Brooks was up for the debonair Richard Gere part or that of his scheming business partner, played Jason Alexander?

I am going to go with Gere’s leading man role. For some reason, it’s fun to imagine Brooks scaling the fire escape with a flower between his teeth to woo Julia Roberts’ hooker with a heart of gold. Who knows? Maybe with Brooks in the role, the movie could’ve ended with a trip down the aisle to a chuppah.

How’s that for a fairy tale ending?

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