Steven Spielberg to direct new “Moses” movie


Courtesy of Gerald Geronimo

According to the Hollywood rumor mill, Steven Spielberg is in talks with Warner Brothers Pictures to direct a new movie called “Gods and Kings.” The movie will focus on Moses’ life, beginning with his birth and ending, one can only assume, with his anticlimactic death after NOT getting into Israel. The script was written by fellow yiddin Michael Green and Stuart Hazeldine, and will be co-produced by Dan Lim and Matti Leshem.

I gotta tell ya, it’s about time Spielberg hopped on the Bible gravy train. He’s already hit the other money making genres: Holocaust? Check. War? Check. Aliens? Check. Check. Check. But no Old Testament. Other filmmakers seemed to have gotten the memo that people eat up Bible stories. Where have you been, Steve-o??? Mel Gibson may be crazy, but he gets it. Val Kilmer managed to make Moses sexy, even as a cartoon character. And Charlton Heston rocked that chain and loincloth like no one’s business. Welcome to the world of money-making God movies. Gosh.

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