Ben Stiller is Coming to the South


Ben StillerYeeHaw!  I just LOVE it when Jews come down South.  Even better, one of y’all might get a chance to meet Ben Stiller and “act” with him.

The Stiller Foundation is auctioning off a role in the film Neighborhood Watch, starring Vince Vaughn and Jonah Hill and shooting in and around Atlanta through December 6th.

The current bidding is at $23,000, and bumps up in $1,000 increments (I don’t make that in a week!).  The role is a walk-on,which means you probably won’t get to say a word and you’ll just be, like, serving Ben or Vince a bagel at a restaurant or something. Also, you have to find your own way there.

Still, the foundation has a record of good deeds. Their primary focus is on providing educational opportunities for children in Haiti through the construction of schools (because, you know, the Atlanta schools are in such good shape).

Click here to make your bid.  And tell all your friends by sharing this post!

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