Memorial to Ethiopians to be built on Mount Herzl


JERUSALEM (JTA) — A memorial to Ethiopian Jews who died en route to Israel will be established on Mount Herzl.

Israel’s Cabinet on Sunday approved the memorial, which will list the names of the approximately 4,000 members of the Ethiopian community who died while traveling on foot to Israel.

"Establishing the memorial closes a cycle for 130,000 members of the Ethiopian community whose family members — men, women, children and the elderly — left on the long and arduous journey to Israel and some of whom perished after suffering shortages of food and water, and from diseases," read a statement from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Office. "The memorial will commemorate the names of those who perished and serve as a fitting place that enshrines the memory of those who did not realize their dream of coming to the Land of Israel."

The monument will cost approximately $125,000; the Jewish Agency will pick up some of the cost.

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