Scarlett Johansson’s progressive works


Photo by Sgt. Bryson K. Jones

From the Jew Gooder files: actress Scarlett Johansson, perhaps in a bid to become her generation’s Angelina Jolie, told Arianna Huffington about her charitable and advocacy works in the latest issue of Interview.

“There are people in America who are absolutely desperate right now, who have no means to support their families, who have no opportunities to better themselves or their education — and they’re not that different from the farmers and working-class people that I visited when I went to Kenya with Oxfam,” she said. She did a v-log series for the Huffington Post about the drought in East Africa.

The interview wasn’t all about drought in Somalia and her support for Obama. Johansson, who will star in “We Bought a Zoo” with Matt Damon next, also talked about the merits of flats over heels.

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