Next week’s RJC event — can’t miss!


 …Except I will (for personal reasons, I’m out of town.)

Never you mind though, JTA will be covering the Republican Jewish Coalition’s candidates’ forum — featuring every GOP candidate for president except Ron Paul.

RJC director Matt Brooks tells Adam Kredo at the Washington Jewish Week that a likely headline will be the pushback against Democratic allegations that foreign funding proposals to "start from zero" place Israel assistance at risk.

Kredo reports:

Each of the candidates, Brooks said, will make an effort to "put to bed the political smears by the DNC and Debbie Wasserman Shultz that the leading Republicans want to cut aid to Israel."

Brooks anticipates that the candidates will use the podium to crystalize and explain their foreign policy views on a range of subjects, such as Iran.

"You’ll see a lot of the candidates use this an opportunity to clearly articulate their vision for Israel and the challenges in the Middle East, as well as how they plan to lead the country forward out of these challenging economic times," Brooks said.

As Kredo notes, the Dec. 7 event comes just 30 days before Iowa — so the candidates will be on their game.

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