NIF campaign says ‘women should be seen and heard’


JERUSALEM (JTA) — The New Israel Fund wants Jewish women to send in photos of themselves holding a sign reading “women should be seen and heard” as part of a campaign to prevent women from being marginalized in Jerusalem.

The photos will be used to create posters that will be hung in Jerusalem, NIF said on its website, as part of a series of initiatives that the organization says it will take to address the issue.

Bowing to demands of haredi Orthodox groups in Jerusalem, images of women have been dropped from advertising in the city, including for clothing companies and a ballet studio. Billboards with photos of women have been vandalized throughout the city, according to reports.

“We can’t let women be erased from the public eye," NIF said on its website.  "That’s a dangerous erosion of the status of women. And it’s a slippery slope.”

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