Abdul gets hate mail, Radcliffe to do Ginsberg


NEW YORK (6nobacon.com) — Nearly a week after Drew Ryniewicz’s dramatic elimination from the FOX hit show “X Factor,” judges Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger are receiving death threats and other online taunts from fans of the 14-year old singer.

The judges’ decision to send the teen home resulted in plenty of criticism, especially after fellow judge Simon Cowell stood up and refused to talk to the others while Ryniewicz was crying on stage.

Since the elimination, Ryniewicz fans have used social networks to express their anger: One fan tweeted: ‘@PaulaAbdul and @nicolescherzy you two deserve all the hate. You both made a selfish decision and should be ashamed of yourselves!!’ A Facebook post read . “F**K you paula you dumb c**t you voted off the most talented person on your f**king show. i hope you die you DUMB B***H.”

The Daily Mail reported that a source says that ”Paula and Nicole have been really shocked by the reaction they have had. Immediately after the show they were being bombarded with messages by angry fans who supported Drew.”

Meanwhile, Abdul has come to the defense of Jonah Mowry, a gay teenager who was bullied in school and created an emotional video titled “what’s going on” that became a social networking sensation.

In the video, Mowry uses cue cards to tell how he was bullied from a young age and how he has been cutting himself, though he has no intention of killing himself despite considering suicide in the past.

Among the many celebrity responders was Abdul, who tweeted “@JonahMowryReal i’m so #grateful for you-LOOK at the love you inspire! your precious life is SO important you beautiful soul! i love you xoP”. Also supporting Mowry was Amanda Bynes, who tweeted a quote by Mowry: “I’m not going anywhere because I’m stronger than that and I have a million reasons to be here.”

Jonah Hill is eating a lot of shrimp

The New York Times published an interview with Jonah Hill for his upcoming film “The Sitter,” and the young star had a lot to say about his life, career and eating habits.

Apparently Hill had to rethink his career after the success of “Superbad,” especially because he didn’t want to play the same post-college typecast forever.

“When my agent saw ‘Superbad’ for the first time, she’s like, ‘You’re in ‘Fast Times at Ridgemont High.’ Are you Sean Penn or are you everybody else?’ ” Hill said. And he wanted to be Sean Penn.

Although Hill did have roles in other Judd Apatow films, he mostly did not repeat Seth, the character he played in “Superbad.” And it took him awhile to get to where he is now, balancing funny and serious roles, with many thanks to the much-discussed diet. And as Hill admits, thanks to his nutritionist he is forced to eat a lot of shrimp. Not the most Jewish thing to do, but I guess it’s legit if he’s losing a lot of weight, right?

Radcliffe leaps from Potter to Ginsberg

It seems like Daniel Radcliffe has been transitioning pretty smoothly from the world of Harry Potter to the world of roles that are not Harry Potter.

The young actor will have to work some magic to portray gay Jewish poet Allen Ginsberg in a new film. The thriller “Kill Your Darlings” is about poetry, gay stalkers and murder in 1940s New York. “Kill Your Darlings,” the directing debut of writer-director John Krokidas, follows Ginsberg’s experience as a young poet in the New York beat scene and his relationships with Jack Kerouac and Lucien Carr. In 1944, Carr was jailed after he stabbed his stalker, David Kammerer, to death.

The film was set to be filmed in 2009, with Jesse Eisenberg playing Ginsberg. Only a year ago, Ginsberg was portrayed by another Jewish actor, James Franco, in the film “Howl.” 

Danes: Tel Aviv is a party town

Claire Danes visited Conan O’Brien last week and told him about her experience in Israel, calling Tel Aviv the most intense party town she has ever been to. The bars, she said,”are hoppin’.”

Danes visited Israel earlier this year when she was filming scenes for her hit show “Homeland,” with Arab-Israeli neighborhoods disguised as villages in Iraq. "Homeland" is based on the Israeli show “Hatufim” (POWs), and Danes, the main character, plays a CIA agent who deals with the surprising return of a POW.

Not quite sure if Danes would have made the perfect CIA agent, seeing as how she’s unfamiliar with the other side of Israel — the one not consumed by security problems. Next time she describes Israelis at bars, she should find a better choice of words than “blowing off some steam.” Nothing should blow off at a Tel Aviv bar, thank you very much. But nevertheless, on behalf of the Jewish people, we are all glad that Danes found out that Israel is more than a more accessible Iraq.

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