Egyptian Islamist party says it will recognize treaty with Israel


(JTA) — A radical Islamist party in Egypt said it will respect the country’s peace treaty with Israel.

The spokesman for the Salafi Al-Nour party, which won up to 30 percent of the vote in the first round of parliamentary elections in Egypt, announced Tuesday that the party would respect all treaties signed by Egypt, including the 1979 peace treaty with Israel. Party leaders later clarified that the party is looking into the matter, Ynet reported.

The Salafi Al-Nour party finished second behind the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party; the Muslim Brotherhood refuses to negotiate with Israel.

Meanwhile, violence continued for a fifth day in Egypt as soldiers and police fired live ammunition and used batons on protesters in Cairo’s Tahrir Square. At least 13 protesters have been reported killed and hundreds wounded as protesters demand an end to military rule.

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