Thursday Listicles!


Kids, the week is almost over. Plus it’s a holiday. What better excuse do you need to take a break (a looong break) from your studying/accounting/excel sheets/whatever else people do to cruise some lists of hip Jews around the web? Here are some 6NoBacon favorites (enjoy the procrastination!):


IFC’s list of the perfect films to watch during Chanukah: “In our opinion, there’s nothing better to do after you light the menorah, eat your share of latkes and open countless presents than to sit down in front of the TV and watching a great movie with whoever you’re sharing the holiday with.”






Courtesy of Chrysti/Flickr

Forbes’ list of the best Jewish rappers of all time: “We considered the Beastie Boys as a single unit and not as individuals; if we’d had to vote on which Beastie was best, Ad-Rock would have emerged victorious.”








Courtesy of Georges Biard

Complex’s list of the 50 hottest Jewish ladies: “We’ve included all sorts of Jewish beauties: the devout Jews (Natalie Portman), the not-according-to-Hoyle Jews (Winona Ryder), the converts (Elizabeth Banks), the non-religious (Sarah Silverman), and the Israelis (Bar Refaeli). When hotness is the rule, we’ve got love for everyone.”

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