TIMELINE: Is Christmas cheer kosher?


hanukkah ornament
Is Christmas cheer kosher?


One of my colleagues, Dan Klein, offers his take on out Telegraph blog. Another, Jessica Leader, picks up on the origins of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

As ‘Yule’ see in this timeline, the role of Jews vis-a-vis Christmas is a common occurence:

    • 1929 – Row over Christmas in Monticello schools leaves Jewish kids humming carols.



    • 1931 – King of Romania offers a Christmas gift to the Jewish poor.




    • 1944 – Kingston, N.Y. Rabbi resigns after congregation protests his protest of Christmas in school.





    • 1961 – Christmas and Chanukah songs in schools upheld in NJ.



    • 1971 – Chanukah trees ridiculed by Jewish educator


    • 1972 – Washington columnist stirs Jewish Community Council by urging Jewish children to join Christmas carol singing in schools.



Image: This Hanukkah ornament.

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