Six Degrees (No Bacon) Jewish Celebrity Roundup


So apparently it stinks to be Julianna Marguiles’ kid.

“The Good Wife” star says that she won’t allow her son, Kieran, who’s turning 4 next month, get any birthday presents from his friends. Terrible, right?

Well, according to, Marguiles “wants her young son to understand that his life of wealth and privilege is extremely unusual, so she makes him give a ton of his stuff away and doesn’t let anyone buy him birthday presents.”

A nice way to introduce the kid to being humble and giving, but no presents!? How awful!

He is still a kid, you know. He doesn’t have to own those mini Cadillac Escalade cars to understand how charity works.

Perhaps that's being too materialistic, but it's the holiday season after all, and while some think about caring and giving, others think about getting presents and enjoying them. Marguiles also makes sure her son donates his old clothes to “Room to Grow, which is a foundation for underprivileged children in the city.”

Very nice, Julianna. Here's hoping the kid turns out to be nice and generous like you want and not one of those kids who steal Christmas gifts from their friends because their mom won’t let them own anything.


Damon And Johansson In Chanukah Special

Matt Damon and Scarlett Johansson star in an MTV Chanukah special, “We Shovel Poo.”

In this MTV behind-the-scenes show, Josh Horowitz asks the stars of “We Bought A Zoo” a few questions about what it means to be a Jew. (She is, he isn’t.)

While Matt stunk in a very adorable way (look at his upset face when he gives the wrong Barbara Streisand movie! Aww…), Scarlett is clearly the winner here. She throws out gefilte fish as a Jewish delicacy, knows that Mayim Bialik is now a rabbi (not really, just religious) and “ehhh”s when Horowitz asks if she thinks that Gwyneth Paltrow is really Jewish.

Twilight Writer Becomes Highest-Grossing Female Screenwriter Ever

We all know the stars of the “Twilight” series: Kristin “goth hottie” Stewart, Robert “insane bone structure” Pattinson, Taylor “Native my American any day” Lautner. But it seems like we have forgotten the greatest star of all, who’s only getting the credit she deserves now.

That is Melissa Rosenberg, writer of the "Twilight" movies, who was recently named the highest-grossing female screenwriter of all time. This tribe member may be raking in the big bucks with her blockbuster hits, but the previous No. 1 female screenwriter, Linda Woolverton, is hot on her heels. Woolverton penned such Disney classics as “Beauty and the Beast” and “The Lion King,” and with the looming release of “Beauty and the Beast 3D,” Rosenberg’s crown could be snatched.

Matisyahu Loses Beard, Then Manners

Maybe he is the anti-Goliath and the beard kept him meek and calm? Whatever it may be, a fresh-faced Matisyahu reportedly attacked a photographer during his show at Brooklyn’s Music Hall of Williamsburg this week.

“At first I assumed he was trying to crowdsurf, that he wasn’t deliberately trying to step on me,” said photographer Rebecca Smeyene, “but when I got up, he was in the middle of the audience. When I turned to look at him, he charged at me.”

No charges were pressed, but the Jewish rapper’s management team did give Smeyene some Benjamins to cover damages to her equipment, and Matisyahu did direct a not-so-sincere Twitter apology to the photographer. “sorry about last night.I totally snapped.I wouldn’t call it a kick, more like stepping into the crowd,” he tweeted. He later followed up with another tweet to the photographer: “seemed like you were there everywhere I turned with that flash. Next time be more sensitive to the performer.”

Gee whiz! What happened to the cuddle bear Chasid we all used to know and love?

Sacha Baron Cohen’s Alter Ego Mourns Kim Jong Il

In true “Borat” fashion, Sasha Baron Cohen has decided to release a statement about Kim Jong Il’s death … as the main character from his new movie, “The Dictator.”

The statement, which was faxed to The Huffington Post, reads as follows: “I am saddened to learn of the passing of my dear friend Kim Jong-Il. Our thoughts go out to his wife and 813 children.‘K-Jo’ was a great leader, good friend and average double’s badminton partner. He died as he lived, in 3 inch lifts. An extraordinary man, he did so much to spread compassion, wisdom and uranium throughout the world. On behalf of myself, Ahmadinejad, Chavez and Newt Gingrich, we would like to welcome his son, Kim Jon-Un into the 'Axis of Evil.’”